Happy Fall, Ya’ll

And just like that, summer faded into fall!  

There is not a better time for location portraits than fall.  Fall clothing, comfortable temperatures with colorful leaves as a backdrop are all perfect elements for a great family portrait.

I encourage you to think about incorporating “life elements” into your portrait; what’s your passion?

Is there a special car, a pet, a musical instrument that’s part of your life?  Are you a cyclist? A biker?

Remember that portraits do not require getting all dressed up, rather they are about YOU, and they

tell YOUR story.

What about location?  Got a favorite lake getaway?  A favorite park?  Your own outdoor space at home 

with the pets?  Let’s get those creative ideas flowing, and then let’s make your plans HAPPEN!!

Get started with a consultation; we will discuss location, time of day, clothing and props.  

It has been a long, hot summer and I am excited about fall and all the possibilities for some great

portraits.  Let’s get out there, and make some memorable portraits!

The More You Know

The More You Know…

      So how many times, after a bad experience, have you told yourself: “Next time I will ask more questions!”

I am a member of a local professional photographers’ association, the INPPA.    We gather once a month to share and to learn.  One of the many things I learned about was consultations.

A consultation is a question and answer “getting to know you” meeting between the photographer and the client.  I knew people did them, but I never did, until I began to consider the benefits. 

I believe it is safe to say that when someone books a session, they have some idea of what they want, and perhaps the photographer has yet another idea.  This is the recipe for disaster…and often the client will not be satisfied with the results!

So how can I make you happy with your portraits?  I need to know what YOU want, not what I want.  So I need to ask questions, lots of them, and it goes beyond simply “studio or outdoors?”

I need to know some “back story” things…like hobbies, employment, ancestry, and things held dear to you;  Do you want  these elements to show in your images?

For instance, are you native american?  Do you play an instrument, or are you an athlete?  Maybe tell me a story about the pet we are going to photograph?  What about your career? That old truck?

I once did portraits for an older couple, celebrating their 50th anniversary; they were Friends of the Library, so I did one image of them reading a book together…it had a special meaning to them!

I recently read about a young man who was getting senior portraits made; the photographer learned that the boy’s dad used to take him to play billiards.  The photographer did some images at a pool hall; they had a very special meaning.

So how can I sell you a meaningful portrait, a cherished keepsake, when I do not know what is meaningful and cherished in your life?  Look closely at the slideshow below, and I bet you will quickly see the meaningful elements in each portrait!  Consultations are all important, and I am now “all in” with the idea, so when you call for an appointment, let’s TALK!

Thanks for reading!

Outdoor Portraits

Outdoor portraiture is all the rage, and is it no wonder?  The possibilities are virtually  endless!  While I can make most any location work well…I won’t say it is always easy!  Like the day I walked my sister’s rural property and was temporarily at a loss…and then I saw it:  a rustic pine! Remove a few random items, use just the right camera angle, and viola!!!  The image on this page was the result!  I couldn’t be more pleased…What you don’t know is that just a few feet off-camera view, there was an old trailer, and various out-buildings and chicken coops…

There is one more consideration for outdoor shoots:  The weather cannot be controlled, so you work around it.  For instance, you don’t shoot during the peak sun hours.  In some cases, you can shoot in full shade, but you must use artificial lighting; most photographers wait for the “sweet light”, that time right before sunset, or early in the morning, because the light is very soft and diffused. An overcast day works well, too, as long as there is a touch of sun peeking through; otherwise, the result is a very flat image.

Give me a call and let’s plan YOUR outdoor adventure soon!

Thanks for reading.